QuickBooks Doesn’t want you to know about WaveApps – The Free Financial Software for Small business – Cost $0

You read it right. Quickbooks or Freshbooks do not want you to know about WaveApps - The free financial management software for small businesses.

Why? This software does a better job that Quickbooks or Freshbooks, and it cost $0 to use.

My reasons for recommending. 

I have been using wave app since its early beginnings way back in 2010. When I started using this, I found it very practical, easy to use and cost less. Many small businesses are not aware of this hidden gem. That is probably because the folks behind this company believe in giving first - pay forward - then reward follow later. They do not advertise. They use their marketing dollars to develop great accounting and financial management software, then pass those savings to over 3 million businesses using this online service. Wave App, in my opinion, is better than the leading accounting software in their category. Take a look at feature and cost comparison with similar accounting software like Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

These are some of the features that you get for $0.

  1. Create and send professional invoices, estimates, and receipts in seconds. Track the status of your invoices and payments so you can know when to expect money in your bank account.
  2. Accept credit cards and bank payments to get paid faster online. Most invoices paid online get paid within 2 business days or less.
  3. Track income and expenses effortlessly, with receipt scanning tools and bank connections. Eliminate manual data entry, stop worrying about missing transactions, and be ready for tax time without stress.
  4. Yes, 100% Free. This software is 100% free, no trials, no limitations and no hidden fees.

Now it's your turn to get a test run with this software.  Try it out and Share your feedback with the world what you think about this recommendation in the comment box below. 

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