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Thank you and Appreciation

I find it befitting to publicly thank some people that have been instrumental to my success in life, thus far. I have been so blessed to have a very supportive family, amazing friends, inspiring educators, and mentors. The great thing to note is that I only know just a few of these people personally; however, I still consider those that I have come to know only through their works (books, podcast, training materials, etc.) as friends.

Together, they have influenced my thoughts and actions. I built many aspects of my business based on their strategies, including several of my personal life goals.

Thank you for doing what you do and inspiring so many, including my humble self. The list below is not by any means an all-inclusive one. More names will be included on this list as I recall them. For now, here is a big thank you to you all.

Sampson Simon

Barbara Obot

Comfort Jones

Miles Beckler

Dan Miller

John Lee Dumas

Fred Joyal

Ramit Sethi

Allan Dib

Thank you!