June 15


Is your LinkedIn or other social media profile headshot optimized?

​In addition to some great tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. One area that gets neglected is the profile photo itself. Be sure to have a headshot that is professional looking. I see several profiles with a headshot that has background noise on it.

You should really try to remove the distraction from the background. I get it that some folks will say, yeah, but I want to be real. Yes, that is true too, but there is a time and place for the realness. Not on your profile photo.

Have you ever seen the profile photos of say presidents, or CEOs of businesses, etc have background distraction? Think about it.  I am sure there is a reason for that. Now, if you have a great headshot with background noise on them, you can easily remove the background noise using a variety of methods ranging from doing it yourself, hiring someone from Fiverr to get a social media management company to handle all that details for you.

I recently did a tutorial on how to do that yourself. Check it out, it's very easy to do it yourself using the cool toolset that I introduced in last week resource in the tutorial.

My reasons for recommending Clipper Magic

I have been using Clipper Magicsince for the last 2 years and compared to other solutions out there, I believe this is the best background removal tool out there. It is  

  1. It is Very Quick - Get the job done in seconds-to-minutes instead of minutes-to-hours, and you can even do Bulk Clipping if you have lots of images. This will further save you time and processing time. 
  2. You Get Professional Results  - You get great results on any image every time. The tool uses only simple red/green marks with  scalpel vector precision.
  3. It is Convenient - There is nothing to install on your computer to use this tool. It resides on your browser with streamlined interface, and with all the tools you need and in-depth tutorials and examples to guide you.

Now it's your turn to get a test run with this software.  Try it out and Share your feedback with the world what you think about this recommendation in the comment box below. 


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