be positive as a child

Do you have a positive attitude?

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes.” —Wade Boggs.

Be the positive influence for people around you. One way to accomplish this is to simply say “hello” to a stranger or someone in your workplace that you would normally don’t talk to.

Try to be like a child. Very innocent, forward-looking, positive attitude, no holding back anything. They just enjoy and appreciate life, and they are very curious. So, go be a child today, let your optimism rule.

Try doing this. It is so simple. This may be hard at first, or it may just seem plain odd that you are going out of your comfort zone. Just do it anyway. Be the odd one. When you feel that way, you know that you are doing something greater than yourself. This simple action may just be the kick that you have been trying to find.

Go for it. Repeat, and own it.

Share your experience with the world. Tell us what you did, you may be a light to someone to some else.

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