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Bassey Simon Resume

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Business Development Leader. TEchnology solution expert. Strategic digital marketing provider. Husband. Father & Host of The Nadvigators Podcast.

Hi there, and thanks for the visit. I really appreciate you stopping by. I love helping people, a lot. Generally, I love to find purpose and meaning in everything that I do because that purpose drives the overall performance of my work and projects. I believe strongly in the universal law of sowing and philosophy of abundance - there is no scarcity other than what we create in our own minds.  There us nothing that brings me joy and fulfillment like being a part of an accomplishment for a project that will have a lasting impact on the life of a business. 

I started a full service digital agency in fort Worth, Texas to help small business and home based businesses find purpose in their work.  Did I say that, I sometimes speak with some funny accent that may annoy some people,  although others find that exotic and refreshing? Regardless, my (accent reduction) mentors (my kids) taught me to speak slowly. So no problem there.  

I enjoy road trips and travels generally. My family and I have been to a least 36 U.S states so far, and several countries outside the USA including Canada, UAE, Belgium, Germany, and United Kingdom just to mention a few. There are a few more places that are on top of my bucket list of places to visit - Japan, Singapore, and Jamaica - I like to see the late reggae legend Bob Marley's birth place.

My Professional Dossier


The Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School

M.Sc in Information and Telecom Systems Management

2001 - 2005


Front-end web design

WordPress, Wix, 


HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, SQL

Productivity Tools

Microsoft Office Suite 2013, 2016, 365

Google Gsuite

Email Marketing

Contact Me


I am a Self-motivated and goal-oriented business Development and Information Technology solution expert. A well-developed leadership skill and 16+ years implementing solutions in various capacities as a Business Development Analyst, Provider solution specialist, Document Management & Reports Analyst, Front-End web developer, and Digital Marketing Architect. Highly skilled in critical business applications support with programming debugging abilities. Ability to deploy technology as a tool to solve complex business and technology challenges. Proven technical skills balanced with hi-emotional intelligence with people management ability. I am committed to high work ethics and to attain management goals and objectives.

Prior to starting and operating a successful business since 2008, I work for various fortune 500 companies in various capacity including Business System Analysis, Data Visualization, Document Management & Reports Development where I used ETL solutions to extract complex data from multiple sources to developed Business Intelligence and Analytics Reports. I am Currently Experimenting on data visualization projects using Tableau and Microsoft Power BI

Over the last 20 years, I have enjoyed many roles and participated in various technical and non technical projects. These are some of my Key take-away. 

My Core Competencies / Skills and Experience

Business process engineering to resolve technology-related challenges.

Capturing detailed business requirements including scope and objectives to create the business requirements document and functional specifications for change management purposes

Translating and simplifying stakeholder requirements through the requirements gathering process by performing requirements analysis to document business needs

Assisting the business stakeholders by providing inputs and guidance into business case development

Contributor to project planning to identify or to remediate any gaps between as-is functional architecture and solution definition and operation needs

Researching and proposing added-value solutions based on the latest innovative technologies to the extent supported business-standard operation parameters

Coordinate and supports the successful delivery of systems including user acceptance testing, training, and deployment, and creation of test data and test documentation

Provide levels 1, 2 or 3 help desk support for ongoing or newly deployed applications

Communication liaison for its organization and project advocate for stakeholders with a focus to share progress, technical solutions, and solutions delivery schedule

Training designer focused on helping solution end users acquire the knowledge necessary to use the system effectively, promoting awareness, training, demonstrations, and proof of concepts (POCS) on any interesting new concepts or technologies

Effective use of project management platform to manage, schedule and track interaction points with project partners and subject matter experts

Vendor relationship management to track deliverables and work order management

 Effective presentation and problem-solving skills.

These sets of skills develop naturally as a consequent of starting and growing several offline and online businesses.

Business Development Strategist - develop and manage customer relationships, Manage and perform customer interface in the business development cycle, including networking, meeting coordination, product pitch, and securing of the business. Others are sales negotiation, developing operational strategies, plans, and procedures; assessing project effectiveness for all stakeholders. Generate new ideas through close collaboration with business unit leaders to satisfy unmet client needs.

Event Management Strategist, I negotiate and manage all events life-cycle including contracts, vendors, logistics, marketing, public relations, customer services, print services, and digital services including broadcasting strategies like video production, live stream and pay per view solutions.

Overall, I am a big creative thinker, a coach, and a teacher, and my unique approach to systems and application is my ability to find the right balance between systems and people. At the end, it all boils down to people.