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Optimized Websites

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  • Website More than 2 Years Old
  • Website Is Not Mobile Friendly 
  • No Call to Action (CTA) or Active Forms
  •  New Business or No Website

Brand Reputation

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  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Increase & Optimize online Reviews
  •  Customer Surveys & Follow up

Lead Generation

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  • Want Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Want Email / Marketing Automation
  • Want Paid Traffic
  • New Cold Leads & Re-targeting Traffic

Hi, I am Bassey.

There is an untapped world of customers out there for everyone. Literally for every type of business. My goal is to help your unique business enter the conversation that is already happening online. I will help you create your unique value proposition, and share that value with your audience whenever or wherever they choose to engage with you - Through your website, their preferred social gathering platform, or by print media. Together, we will design and deliver a value to your audience in a way that will position your business as an authority in your local area.

hi, I am Bassey. I love technology. i enjoy helping business owners

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service professionals

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Check out Some of my Work


E-Commerce Website Redesign - Lasting Expressions LLC


Synergy Credit Repair Website Optimization Project

Commercial Janitorial Service website Redesign - JDM Janitorial Service

Purple Light Touch Project

Non-Profit Website Redesign - Purple Light Touch Foundation

https://familyfootanklespecialists.com Project

Podiatry Practice Website Redesign - Family Foot and Ankle Specialists

obuduana.org project

New Non-Profit Website Project - Obudu Association in North America

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